Supply List - Janet Rogers AWS


 Janet Rogers AWS, Instructor – “Flowers and Portrait/Figures in Watercolor”  

Dear Students: 

I look forward to our workshop.  Below is a SUGGESTED list of supplies.   You may already have supplies that are the same or  comparable.  Please call me for any questions - (386)441-4930, or 386-451-8441 (cell) or email:

  WATERCOLOR PAPERS:  I suggest  140lbCold press or Rough (Arches) or Langdon Prestige.  (140lb Fabriano for flowers will also work).   It will be helpful to have extra watercolor paper (could be backs of old paintings, etc.) for painting exercises.  Of course, you will also need a board or support (could be wood, Champion Art Mate, or Gatorboard or a simple sheet of foam core) to support your painting.  We do many paintings, so please bring enough watercolor paper (approx. 2 to 3  ptgs (or more) per day – can be ½ sheets).  

OTHER PAPERS:    A pad of  inexpensive drawing paper will be needed in any portrait or figure workshop.   

PENCILS:  I suggest a #2B pencil for drawing on the watercolor paper, but really love the ebony pencils (or 6B) for drawing exercises.  A kneaded eraser and pencil sharpener will be handy.  

PALETTE: I use various palettes, such as “Jones Palette”,  “Cheap Joe’s ”, “John Pike”, etc. – I also use a Holbein "Jasper Tray" (like a butcher tray only plastic)  to make more “puddles”.  Palettes should have individual wells plus area for mixing.  

OTHER STUFF:   Although, I will supply some fresh flowers, feel free to bring some favorites of yours also. Please bring a vase for your flowers also!  (could be a "Ball" jar or something simple!)  Hair dryer (we can share), large container for water (I use a bucket), paper towels (I love Bounty).  Please bring photos of people to work from (can be friends, family, someone who interests you or even from magazines – since this is for practice) ones showing faces with  good lights and darks (shadow shapes) (PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR SAMPLE OF SHADOW SHAPE).  Since we will start with the head, make sure you can see details of features.  Ideally shadow shapes should should be more than ½ of person (especially face).  I will also have some photos if you don’t have any you like.  Many students will be interested in painting children.  A Camera will be handy to have - to take photos of any of my work, demos, etc or to take photos of models if we get them.  You can also bring a pre-drawn portrait if you wish to use as "security".   I will take you through all the drawing steps also, but it is nice to have something already so you can feel more relaxed (especially if you are new to painting people).

BRUSHES:  I like the following:  A ¾” “Flat” brush such as Loew-Cornell Series 7550 Wash, a “One Stroke" such as the ¾” or 1” Loew-Cornell Series 7100; "Round" such as Loew-Cornell Series 7700 size 26, and Loew-Cornell Series 7000 size 14; "Ultra Round", Loew-Cornell Series 7020 size 14; a large flat for larger washes, and a 1/2" flat for making "puddles"  (such as a Loew-Cornell 7550 Wash size 1/2".   I use these brushes, but bring what you have.  In the workshop you may try mine to see if you like them before you buy them.   

WATERCOLOR PAINTS:  I am listing the colors I use the most.  Again, don't feel you have to have everything – bring what you have.  You may want to try one of my colors at the workshop first.  If I have a preference for the brand, I list it.  (* indicates a unique color)  Please note my new color - "JANET'S VIOLET ROSE" (American Journey) - It is truly amazing!!!  Many of these colors are American Journey - found at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff - 1-800-227-2788, or 

Aureolin (Winsor-Newton) Mineral Violet (Holbein)
New Gamboge (W-N) or Carr Yellow (Am.Journey)   Cobalt Blue (Am Journey or Holbein)
 Raw Sienna (American Journey)*  Ultramarine Blue (Am. Journey or Holbein)
Permanent Rose or Rambling Rose (Am. Journey) Prussian Blue (American Journey or Holbein)
Poppy or Fire Engine Red (Am.Jour.)or Scarlet Lake (W-N) Sap Green (American Journey)
Perm. Alizarin Crimson(Holbein)  Periwinkle Blue (American Journey)*
 Perylene Maroon (WN) Sky Blue (Am. Journey) or Cerulean (W-N)
JANET'S VIOLET ROSE (American Journey)* (new)  Shadow Green (Holbein)
Quinacridone Gold Joe's Blue (Am. Journey) or Thalo Blue
 Permanent Magenta (American Journey)* Arctic Ice (American Journey) (like a transparent Cerulean)
Burnt Sienna (W-N) or Quinacridone Gold Dp(Am.Journey) June Bug (American Journey) *
Copper Kettle (American Journey)* Skip’s Green (American Journey)*   



                                                      Shadow Shape